• Welcome to Wyliodrin STUDIO
  • Connection guides for all supported boards
  • Discover boards and connect over the network
  • Shell for advanced users
  • Connect the board to the internet using the Network Manager
  • Use the notebook to create documentation for your projects
  • Manage all the running processes on your board with the Task Manager
  • Add or remove libraries with the Package Manager
  • Create a new project or start from an existing example
  • Use a Visual Programming language and see the generated Python code...
  • ...or use a conventional programming language
  • Monitor sensor data using graphs in the Dashboard
  • Run project and flash the Arduino

How Wyliodrin STUDIO works

Wyliodrin STUDIO is a Chrome based IDE for software and hardware development for IoT and Embedded Linux systems.

The platform comes as a chrome application and it allows users to program, control and monitor embedded devices (eg. Raspberry Pi). The platform is easy to use and is especially designed for students who had never worked with embedded devices before, making the transition from plain computer programming to embedded programming seamless. With the help of Wyliodrin STUDIO students can write applications in an intuitive IDE, run the applications by pressing a button and monitor data coming from the devices in a visual way, using a multitude of graphs.

Latest news

  • February 9, 2017
    We are applying for Google Summer of Code [Read more]
  • January 20, 2017
    We are working together with USC to bring OpenMote and other firmware to Wyliodrin STUDIO. [Read more]

Wyliodrin technology used by

Akademie für Lehrerfortbildung und Personalführung, Dillingen
University of Southern California
Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti
Tech Lounge