Devices that are/will be supported

Raspberry Pi

Being the most affordable embedded Linux device and having the largest community, the Raspberry Pi is one of our main supported device. You can connect Arduino or OpenMote controllers to the Raspberry Pi to build and deploy firmware from Wyliodrin STUDIO in order to read various sensors.

Arduino Yun

You might now them only as microcontrollers, but Arduino has several models that run Linux, like the Arduino Yun and the Arduino Tian. We are working closely with Arduino to offer Arduino Linux devices out of the box.

Udoo Neo

A mix between an embedded computer and a micrcontroller, UDOO Neo offers the best of both of them. It runs Linux and has a microcontroller on board that can run real time applications.

Beaglebone Black

This one gets closer to the industry, having a Linux computer and some of the features of a micrcontroler (ADC). Use the BeagleBone Black to make professional applications.

IR 829

This router is a device that can run Linux containers so users are able to deploy applications directly to it. Think of it as an industrial embedded device. With the power of Cisco networking ios and Linux applications, IR 829 is perfectly suited for industry use.

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